Bid Opportunities

Fort Pierce Housing Authority (FPHA) is looking for top-notch companies that are recognized for their proven ability and high-quality performance. If you can demonstrate that you can do the job in a timely, professional, cost-effective manner, you are the type of contractor we are looking for.



Sealed proposals will be received by the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce, Procurement Office, 511 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34950, until the time and date recorded below and distributed to an evaluation team of no less than three (3) members who will evaluate the proposals, individually based on the evaluation criteria.





AGENCY SECTION:      Administration 


PROPOSAL TITLE:        Legal Services: Tenant Services Counsel and/or General Counsel 


DUE DATE:                    Tuesday, December 15, 2020, on or before 10:00 a.m., EST to the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce, Office of Procurement 511 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34950  ** Corrected per Addendum #2  **



SCOPE:                          Provide legal services for The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Pierce Not to Exceed $75,000.00 annually for Tenant Services and/or $150,000.00 annually for General Counsel.


 CONTACT:                      Rhonda Corrodus, Procurement Specialist

                                        772-429-6435 (office); 772-466-0663 (FAX)



OBTAIN PACKET:           Packets are available electronically via the eProcurement Marketplace by using the following link, or by email:

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